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Quality assurance

Quality is our business. Every year, experienced tea tasters choose the best quality teas for our customers, in spite of the difficult state of the harvests.


During the main season, up to 600 teas are tasted every day. That is why all the steps of production within the company are dependant on strict rules, in order to assure a high quality of our teas. The Mount Everest Tea Company GmbH has worked on investments in personnel training and in the introduction of a complete quality monitoring system, to assure the monitoring of every step of production.

Our deliveries are completed with quality certificates and other certificates from varios German authorities, if required by the customer.

99% of our products are monitored by on of the best independant laboratories in Germany, in order to confirm that all of our products fulfill the latest European food regulations.

Furthermore, all of these results are reported to the “Monitoring System” of the German Tea Association, which makes an extensive control of all countries with tea sources possible.. Tea gardens and tea plantations that do not come up to these regulations are excluded from our purchasing department.